What Should You Keep in Your Barn First Aid Kit?

Dr. Steven Allday taking x-rays of a bay gelding's front left leg in a barn alleyway.

As much as we love them, we have to admit that horses can be incredibly fragile animals. How many times have you come out to the barn hoping for a nice ride only to find that your horse has given themself another injury? I can say that I experienced this just last night. Sometimes, these […]

Adopt a Senior Pet Month

In honor of Adopt a Senior Pet Month, here’s a few reasons why senior pets make amazing companions. They’ve been around the block.  Most senior pets are already housebroken, won’t chew on your furniture and know basic commands. They’re through their puppy/kitten stages and are less destructive. They’re lower energy pets. Most senior pets enjoy […]

Joint Care 101

By: Dr. Steve Allday Joint care is almost always an afterthought when considering preventative maintenance of our equine partner. Of course when purchasing your horse you consult with a veterinarian for a purchase exam and other diagnostic tools such as radiographs, ultrasound and in many cases an exam via endoscope of the airway if endurance […]

Foods you shouldn’t share with your dogs

Our furry friends see what we’re eating, give us those puppy dog eyes and we just melt. However, there are many people-friendly foods that are not dog safe. Here’s a list of foods you shouldn’t share with Fido. Chocolate Coffee Caffeine These all contain Theobromine, a substance humans metabolize easily but can build up in […]