Re-Borne: Bovine Colostrum as a Superfood!

Re-Borne Bovine Colostrum

Re-Borne whole bovine colostrum has always been a special product for us, a superfood, if you will. It was born out of an two ideas; one, that colostrum had properties that all animals, not just babies, can benefit from. And two, that there had to be another way to process bovine colostrum without heat processing or […]

Introducing LubriSynHA Plus with MSM!

Lubrisyn HA Gallon

Halstrum, LLC Introduces LubriSynHA Plus, featuring MSM Simpsonville, KY – After recently celebrating a ten year anniversary of the LubriSyn Family of Products, Halstrum, and LLC just released to vendors LubriSynHA Plus. LubriSynHA Plus, which is still a hyaluronic acid supplement, has now added MSM to increase the relief of joint pain in all companion […]

Al Dunning to be inducted into the Arizona Quarter Horse Association Hall of Fame

Congratulations to horseman and loyal LubriSynHA user, Al Dunning, on his inducted into the Arizona Quarter Horse Association Hall of Fame. The ceremony will take place on February 20, 2016. ### For Immediate Release It is our great honor to announce professional horseman Al Dunning will be inducted into the Arizona Quarter Horse Association Hall of […]

Get the Competitive Edge with LubriSynHA

Used by some of the best in the business, what sets LubriSyn apart from other supplements for joints is the fact that LubriSyn is the only hydrated, high molecular weight hyaluronan that is inexpensive and has long term established results in maintaining equine athletes. LubriSyn follows all of the criteria outlined in Stacy Oke’s ACCLAIM […]

Get the Extra Edge During Sales Prep

The times they are a changing and former standards and levels of acceptance in the Thoroughbred racing industry are no exception to this rule. Previous practices are now regulated and scrutinized and a new standard of care is placed upon those who are entrusted with all aspects of a fragile industry. Shrinking foal crops and […]

How to make sure your horse is ready to ride after winter

If your horse has seen minimal activity over the winter months, taking him out for a long springtime ride could be a tough reintroduction. Like a human training for a long race, you have to build up to that level of activity. Learn what you should be considering before your first ride. Getting back in […]

Keep your active joints feeling great all summer long.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a competitive athlete or somewhere in between, the beginning of warmer weather means more physical activity. Even something as little as the repetitive action of pulling weeds, can cause unexpected joint stress. Learn some easy ways you can enjoy the summer without discomfort. As the weather gets warmer and the […]

Is your dog’s joint medication doing more harm than good?

We all know non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs—like Ibuprofen— aren’t good for long-term use. Overtime, what you thought was helping your joint pain may be damaging your liver, kidneys or stomach. And the same it true for your pets. Learn what medicines to avoid and some alternative treatments next time your pooch is in pain. There are […]