How Far Should You Walk Your Small Breed Dog?

Written by guest contributor, Amber Kingsley When it comes to owning and properly caring for a small breed dog, you need to ensure that it gets daily exercise and physical activity to stay healthy and happy. Dogs that lack sufficient activity can exhibit behavioral problems, come down with mental issues, and develop obesity problems. But […]

LubriSynHA Partners with Chad Berger Bucking Bulls

The LubriSynHA Family of Products is proud to announce our partnership with Chad Berger Bucking Bulls. Chad Berger is a lifelong cattleman that has built a renowned stock contracting business in North America growing from 15 to a whopping 225 bulls. Chad has an impressive resume and even longer list of accolades that includes 2007, 2008, 2009, 2014, […]

Re-Borne: Bovine Colostrum as a Superfood!

Re-Borne Bovine Colostrum

Re-Borne whole bovine colostrum has always been a special product for us, a superfood, if you will. It was born out of an two ideas; one, that colostrum had properties that all animals, not just babies, can benefit from. And two, that there had to be another way to process bovine colostrum without heat processing or […]

How to make sure your horse is ready to ride after winter

If your horse has seen minimal activity over the winter months, taking him out for a long springtime ride could be a tough reintroduction. Like a human training for a long race, you have to build up to that level of activity. Learn what you should be considering before your first ride. Getting back in […]

Is your dog’s joint medication doing more harm than good?

We all know non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs—like Ibuprofen— aren’t good for long-term use. Overtime, what you thought was helping your joint pain may be damaging your liver, kidneys or stomach. And the same it true for your pets. Learn what medicines to avoid and some alternative treatments next time your pooch is in pain. There are […]