Equine FAQs

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What is LubriSynHA?

LubriSynHA is a premium, liquid oral joint supplement composed of high-molecular weight hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is essential to healthy joints because it works to support healthy synovial fluid.

What is hyaluronic acid (HA) and how does it work?

Hyaluronic acid (HA), also known as hyaluronan, is a clear, viscous substance that is naturally produced by the body of all mammals. The largest amounts of it are found in skin, eyes, and joints. Its main function is to retain moisture to keep tissues well lubricated. 

It is the main component of synovial fluid, which works to cushion healthy joints. With age and injury, this fluid starts to break down causing pain and inflammation. Consuming a high-molecular weight, liquid hyaluronic acid daily can work to replenish this fluid and greatly reduce discomfort.


Why is HA a better ingredient to support joint health?

While glucosamine and chondroitin have been known to help keep connective tissues (cartilage and ligaments) healthy, it does not support the synovial fluid. HA is the only ingredient that does this.

Does molecular weight matter?

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What is the molecular weight of LubriSynHA?

LubriSynHA has a molecular weight of 2.4 million Daltons. We pride ourselves on having the highest molecular weight and quality HA on the market today.

Why is LubriSynHA a liquid and why is that superior to a pill or powder?

LubriSynHA is in a liquid form for a few reasons:

  1. Hyaluronic acid in its natural state is a liquid. When it is put in a pill or powder, it is dehydrated. When consumed, the body has to re-hydrate in order for it to be used. Most of the time, it is passed to the lower GI before this happens. Therefore, results are slower and sometimes not as effective. 
  2. Liquid HA is far more easily absorbed by the body naturally. LubriSynHA is absorbed in the upper GI (mouth and upper mucosal) and distributed to the body. Because of this, results are often seen much more quickly than pills or powders.
How does LubriSynHA compare to other joint products, injectable or ingestible?

LubriSynHA is safer and less invasive than injectable products and can show much more consistent results. It is more effective than most supplements on the market because of the quality of our HA as well as supporting the most integral part of the joint, the synovial fluid.

What is the dosage and how do I give it to my horse?

The daily maintenance dose for a horse is ½ oz (or 15ml) per day. For juvenile horses (under 1 year), it is 10ml per day. Simply top-dress on feed or give orally with a syringe or similar device. Please try to keep this item clean when introducing it into the bottle.

We do recommend doubling the dose, 1oz or 30ml, for the first week your horse receives LubriSynHA.

My horse is very picky, will they like the taste of LubriSynHA?

Because it has a slightly sweet taste from the glycerin, a natural sweetener, we rarely have animals that don’t like the taste. You can top-dress it on their food or give it by oral syringe.

How much HA is in a dose of LubriSynHA?

There is 75mg of high-molecular weight hyaluronic acid in a daily dose of LubriSynHA. 


Can I give LubriSynHA in conjunction with other supplements or medications?

Yes, because it is all-natural it is perfectly safe to administer LubriSynHA in conjunction with any other supplement or medications without interactions.

How much does LubriSynHA cost?

At MSRP, LubriSynHA costs around $1.10 per day when dosed as recommended. You can often find it for less than that.

How is LubriSynHA made?

Unlike other forms of liquid HA made from animal sources (e.g. rooster combs), LubriSynHA is extracted from a microbial source in an FDA approved facility. This method not only keeps LubriSynHA free from protein contamination that can cause HA products to break down and lose their effectiveness, but also ensures it is a vegan product.

When should I start my pet on LubriSynHA?

Anytime! LubriSynHA works as a preventative on younger pets, working to maintain healthy joint function and also on older pets currently suffering from joint discomfort.

How long before I see results?

Because of our high-quality HA and liquid formulation, LubriSynHA works quickly and most people see results in as little as 7-10 days.

What is the shelf life of LubriSynHA?

All LubriSynHA products have a shelf life of 18-months. 

Is there proof that LubriSynHA Pet and Equine is absorbed into the joint?

Studies of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid show that it begins to appear in tissues outside the intestinal tract in thirty (30) minutes, and peaks between four and six hours post ingestion. As a daily supplement, LubriSynHA provides a continual supply of hyaluronic acid to support the rapid turnover of synovial fluid.

What is the difference between LubriSynHA and LubriSynHA Plus MSM?

LubriSynHA contains our trusted hyaluronic acid formula. The LubriSynHA Plus MSM contains the extra support of MSM which aids in the support of connective tissues and added anti-inflammatory.

What is MSM?

MSM or Methylsulfonylmethane has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Sulphur, which is a major component of MSM, plays an important role in making collagen and glucosamine, both of which are vital for healthy joints. Our MSM product is great for older animals with more severe cases of arthritis or performance animals for accelerated recovery.

Is there a difference between equine, pet, human, and livestock products?

The pet & equine, and livestock formulas are the same, only dosed differently. The livestock is labeled separately as well. The human product is 20% stronger than the other formulas but contains all the same safe ingredients.

Can I give too much LubriSynHA?

No, since it is all-natural, you cannot overdose your animal on LubriSynHA. In fact, some animals with more severe arthritis do better on a higher dose of LubriSynHA.

Is LubriSynHA safe for pregnant mares?

Yes, since it is all-natural, LubriSynHA is safe for pregnant mares to consume.

Will LubriSynHA cause a positive test?

No. LubriSynHA will not cause a positive test because it is all natural.