Get the Extra Edge During Sales Prep

The times they are a changing and former standards and levels of acceptance in the Thoroughbred racing industry are no exception to this rule. Previous practices are now regulated and scrutinized and a new standard of care is placed upon those who are entrusted with all aspects of a fragile industry. Shrinking foal crops and demands for transparency and accountability has changed the environment of medications utilized in the development of Thoroughbreds especially in the area of public auctions.
Today the unadulterated, all natural approach to development at nurseries and farms that prep bloodstock for sales venues in the U.S. has come into being. Discriminating buyers and public outcry has demanded it. A product that has stood out in this arena is Re-Borne. This all natural product is quite revolutionary in its development and use in the Thoroughbred industry. It is composed of whole bovine colostrum that has never been dried, or heat treated to maintain the full complement of ingredients that make it a powerful tool. In addition it is sterilized in order to insure the safety of the horses receiving it. It is conveniently packaged in order to make it readily and conveniently available for oral administration.
What Re-Borne can do for your developing equine athletes is aid in their health and development. The unique way Re-Borne has been processed allows the powerful constituents of colostrum to be harnessed and utilized for your weanlings and yearlings safely and confidently. The seller has a healthier, better developed offering at the sales venues and the buyer is protected from purchasing a medication enhanced horse. It is cost effective and there is no withdrawal period prior to auction.
If you desire to raise and sell stronger, healthier, well developed bloodstock without worry the scrutiny or risks from withdrawals then Re-Borne is what you need to be using in your sales prep.

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Dr. Steven C. Allday