How to keep your dog active without joint pain.

Let’s face it. We love taking care of our pets, but they don’t always take care of themselves. Small injuries or illnesses are expected over the years, but what do you do when your prized pooch is left with arthritis and joint discomfort? Here are some things you can do to help prevent or treat joint problems, and keep your dog feeling young.

Protect them as a puppy

A lot of arthritic issues later in life are the result of an early-life injury. Make sure you keep an eye out for anything potentially dangerous to your puppy. Keeping them away from the street and off tall beds or couches are good first steps.
Puppies and adult dogs are prone to overeating, so make sure your dog is on a controlled feeding plan from day one. An overweight dog—at any age—is more subject to joint stress and injury.

Keep your dog active

Naturally your dog wants to go! go! go! But—just like humans—if he or she is in pain, they may not want stay active. The goal is keep their body loose and active. Even a light walk around the yard or neighborhood is just enough to keep their joints lubricated and muscles strong.

Create a pain-free home

After a day full of chasing and fetching, some dogs can barely move. Lighten their load by helping them on and off furniture. Keep them off stairs. Discourage any behavior that might cause them discomfort or further damage, such as running on slick surfaces.

Happy, healthy dogs love to live active lifestyles. It’s in their nature. These tips, plus a healthy-joint supplement like LubriSynHA, can help you to keep them feeling frisky after their muzzles have turned grey.

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