Keep your active joints feeling great all summer long.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a competitive athlete or somewhere in between, the beginning of warmer weather means more physical activity. Even something as little as the repetitive action of pulling weeds, can cause unexpected joint stress. Learn some easy ways you can enjoy the summer without discomfort.

As the weather gets warmer and the days longer, we often find ourselves becoming more physically active. Nights on the couch are traded in for post-dinner walks, and backyard competitions heat up like the rising temperatures. But what can we do when unexpected joint stress tries to keep us indoors? Here are some ways to help you recover when yard work starts to feel more like a workout.

Be conscious of your body.

No one knows your body better than you. Pay attention to any new or reoccurring pain in your joints. Don’t assume it will go away. At the first sign of joint discomfort, talk to a doctor. There may be an underlying cause for the inflammation that can easily be treated at home.

Stay active.

If you’re prone to joint discomfort, you may be worried about “over doing it.” However, it is important to stay active. Daily activity can keep your muscles strong and your joints healthy. When we stay sedentary for long periods of time, our muscles and joints weaken making us vulnerable to injury.

Look for low-impact activities. Pounding the pavement for miles can be hard on our bodies over time. Try biking or swimming. These activities are easy on your joints and perfect for the summer season!

Eat fruits that are in season.

We all know eating right is the best way to stay healthy. And some of the best foods for your joints, are fruits found in summertime. Colorful fruits are packed with anti-oxidants that provide your joints with the vitamins and nutrients they need to stay strong.

The more color the better. Try adding melons and peaches to your diet. They’re packed with nutrients, help hydrate your body and taste exceptional in the summer months.

If you’re still struggling with joint discomfort, remember these tips and try adding LubriSynHA to your daily routine. This oral or liquid supplement can have you feeling better in 7-10 days.

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